Samuel Wunderly

Samuel Wunderly

PhD candidate in Economics

Emory University


Samuel Wunderly is a doctoral candidate in economics at Emory University. Samuel has research interests in health, labor, and game theory and will be available for interviews for the 2021-2022 job market.


  • Health economics
  • Labor economics
  • Game theory


  • PhD in Economics, 2022 (Expected)

    Emory University

  • MS in Mathematics, 2017

    University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • BA in Mathematics, 2017

    University of Alabama at Birmingham

Working Papers

The Relationship Between the Unemployment Rate and Workplace Injuries

The United States has been experiencing a decline in workplace injuries since the 1970s, driven by workplace safety legislation and improvements in technology. However, workplace injuries flattened with an economic expansion in 2010. Previous research studied an era of the US which vastly differs from the labor force today. Using a difference-in-differences approach on unstudied industries and workplace injury outcomes from 1992 to 2018, I examine the relationship between the unemployment rate and workplace injuries in a new era. Further, using modern estimation techniques, I look at how the relationship of interest differs during an expansion and a recession which was previously assumed to be equal. My findings show that a one percent increase in unemployment is related to a 17.8% increase in nonfatal workplace injuries. This inverse relationship conforms to previous findings. However, a one percent increase in unemployment is also found to increase fatal injuries by 13.2% which is a significant update to previous findings contradicting conclusions of previous researchers. I cannot reject the hypothesis that these rates differ between expansions and recessions. However, when breaking down the nation by sector and industry, the relationship between unemployment and injuries can be found to be counter-cyclical and there can be large differences depending on the economy is experiencing a recession or an expansion which contrasts what the nation exhibits as a whole.


Received the Graduate Student Teaching Award of Excellence 2021

Econ 203L: Intro to Stat & Econ Lab

In-person: Fall 2021 Spelman College

Econ 101: Principles of Microeconomics

In-person: Fall 2020 Emory University ; Course evaluation score 8.22 out of 9
Online: Summer 2020 Emory University ; Course evaluation score 8.39 out of 9
TA: Spring 2020 Emory University

Econ 201: Intermediate Microeconomics

TA: Spring 2021 Emory University

Econ 500: Microeconomic Theory I

TA: Fall 2018 Emory University

MA 110: Finite Mathematics

In-person: Fall 2016 University of Alabama at Birmingham
TA: Fall 2015 University of Alabama at Birmingham